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Sal Petruso

1 year ago

10 Ways to Start a Small Business From Home

Want to boost your income without leaving the house? Of course you do! Well, these days you can do that quite easily if you know where to look online. There are any number of opportunities that you could easily work into a side hustle or even a main hustle, so here are 10 that we recommend.

1. Rent Out Your Stuff
Sure, you could sell the stuff you don’t use very often on sites like eBay, but did you know you can also rent things out to others for a longer-term return? Sites like RentNotBuy and Fatllama let you do just that, so your vehicles, camera lenses, evening dresses and more can start working for you instead of sitting idle. You set the price and say how long people get to use your items for.

2. Use Airbnb to Make Money from Travelers
Lots of homeowners think about taking lodgers to boost their income, but what if you don’t want to commit? Airbnb is far more flexible. It lets you list a room, or even your whole home, for a couple of nights or a week to travellers who want to stay somewhere without the expense of a hotel. If you live near to any kind of venue, say for sports, music, or theatre, you might find your listing in-demand so you could reap the financial benefits.

3. Rent Your Driveway
Got a two-car drive and only one car? This suggestion is close in spirit to the previous two because you’re renting out something that you own but might not be using all the time, or at all. Sites like and many others can match millions of parking spaces with drivers when they travel out of town, and yours could be among them, earning you money in the process. Again, if you live near to a popular venue, your parking space could be in demand.

4. Turn Your Home into a Movie Star
This idea won’t suit everyone but if it works for you then you’ll love it. Renting your home out to a film or TV production company via sites like AmazingSpace can bring in thousands in return for some inconvenience. You can register for free, but you’ll have to pay commission out of your earnings. The highest demand is for sizable homes with lots of parking, but others will be needed too, so why not give it a try? You could end up with a famous living room!

5. Get Your Home in Vogue
Just like with films and TV, you can make money by renting out your home for photoshoots, too. Magazines are always on the lookout for places that will make great backdrops for photoshoots, and if they choose yours then you could be pocketing hundreds a day as compensation for the disruption. You can register your home with sites like Beach Studios and Location Works. Then it’s just a matter of hoping you get picked!

6. What’s in Store
There never used to be so many storage lockups, but now they’re everywhere. The reason? People have more stuff these days, so much that they don’t know where to put it all. If you don’t mind them leaving some of it in your empty attic or garage, then you could get paid for your trouble. A site like Storemates will link you to storage hunters. You only need to pay them 15% of your monthly rent if you find a match.

7. Go Green to Earn Some Green
More and more people are having solar panels installed these days to cut down on their energy bills, but in some countries, it’s also possible to get paid for going green too. For instance, the UK’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme lets households generating their own energy earn money for every unit they feed into the grid. It’s expensive to get started, with systems costing thousands to install, but if you’re doing it anyway then this could help you to offset the cost and generate income further down the line for as long as the sun keeps shining!

8. Paint, Draw, Earn
If you’ve got a creative streak, then there are plenty of online places that will be happy to help you sell what you make. We are talking original pieces here, not anything mass-produced. Artfinder is great for putting your original sculptures, paintings, and drawings in front of a worldwide audience. Listings are free and the commission is a steep 40%, but a sale is a sale, right? And Etsy is well known for selling ‘crafty’ output like soaps, cards, jewellery, and more to a worldwide audience.

9. Let Go of Your Lego
If the Lego in your house is up to your knees then maybe it’s time to sell it by the kilo for cash on websites such as Zapper and MusicMagpie. And if you’ve got any complete sets that never got opened then you’ll make better money on sites like eBay or a dedicated Lego marketplace like Brick Owl.

10. Be a Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant helps a business owner run their business. Tasks include things like responding to blog comments or emails, writing social media posts, producing sales copy, scheduling appointments and just generally being ready to turn your hand to anything that the boss doesn’t have time for. You’ll find this kind of gig on freelancer sites like Fiverr and Upwork, which means there will be competition, but start small and build yourself a good reputation and you’ll soon be in demand.

We hope this guide has got you thinking. There are many ways to make money without leaving the house and you will probably find many more when you start looking. Good luck!

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