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Mike Reilly

7 months ago

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners That Will Help You Build a Successful Business

Do you spend the majority of your waking hours browsing the web and social media networks? Why not make some money while at it? Affiliate marketing is a fun, no-brainer way to earn commissions by promoting products and services. And with these six tips, you can start earning from the first day!

You probably bought something online this month, right? Did you google it? Read a review? Saw a video where they compared two products? Or did you read about it on your favorite news provider/blog/newsletter?

You, too, have contributed to the ever-growing affiliate marketing phenomenon.

Now, you can participate in this trend from the merchant side too! You can post on social media, blog about it, and even create a stunning website where you can place referral links. Every time a visitor clicks these links and buy something, the seller of the product or service will pay you a generous commission.

There are considerable benefits to affiliate marketing:
It’s cheap (sometimes even 100% free)
You can sell ANYTHING
You can earn money even while you sleep
You can run this business from ANYWHERE in the world

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But before we teach you the six tips that will turn you into a high-rolling affiliate, let’s first answer the most crucial question:

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a unique form of online marketing where you earn a commission (15-70%) for promoting other companies’ products and services.

The commissions can be:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) – A set sum of money per purchase.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) – A fixed amount of money per buyer who clicked the link or filled out a form.
  • Rev Share – A revenue share from the buyer’s lifetime usage (especially when it’s a platform, subscription, or online service).

So, for example, you refer your blog readers to a website that sells kitchen supplies. They purchase $1,000-worth of tableware, your CPA deal with this company, and you, in return, earn a commission of $700 directly to your account.

Wait! What???

Why would anyone say goodbye to 70% of their revenue and just hand it to you?

Your blog readers purchase $1,000-worth of tableware and you earn a commission of $700 directly to your account.

Simple! Because you are doing the hard work of telling people about the benefits and persuading them to make the purchase, while the seller is sitting idly, counting the dollars.

Sounds easy, we know.

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But to REALLY succeed, you have to follow these six crucial tips:

Tip #1: Promote Stuff That You Tried Yourself (and Liked)
People detect lies.

If your followers will feel that you don’t sincerely stand behind the product/service you’re promoting – forget about it!

You MUST try it out yourself before you recommend it to others. That’s the golden rule. Apart from being an honest affiliate, it will also help you understand the benefits and pain points it solves and make the customer’s perspective clearer.

If, after you tried it, you have some criticism – it’s ok. Make sure to stress the positive qualities and add one or two minor “issues.” Pinpointing downfalls makes your recommendation more balanced and trustworthy.

So, to recap:

  1. Run your business with integrity.
  2. Carefully select the product/service you wish to promote.
  3. Promote something you actually use (or used before).
  4. Promote something that will be useful for your followers.

If you choose the “salesy” way of pushing sub-bar products just to make a quick buck, don’t expect to run a successful affiliation business long-term.

Or, in the words of Abe Lincoln: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Tip #2: Keep Everything Super Simple
Here’s a shocker for you:
You can affiliate-sell stuff better with a minimalistic, fancy-free website.

Why? Because people with high-buying intent are not looking for fluff or complex funnels. They want to consume a clear and insightful piece of content and be on their way to the checkout.

This of a supermarket. Everything must be arranged in a user-friendly way; the aisles must be wide and comfortable. Your website should be more like a convenient supermarket.
There are loads of affiliates who waste time designing fantastic looking websites. It has zero benefits to your bottom line. Trust us!

Keep your blog’s look simple—black text on a light background, intuitive layout.

Don’t forget: You want your readers to be blown away by the content you produce and the products you’re promoting. They care less about how beautiful your logo is and how amazingly photogenic you are.

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Tip #3: Focus on the Marketing Aspect of Affiliate Marketing
So you have an excellent blog/website/social page with amazing photos and content that is spot-on. All that’s left is to get more people to visit and follow your new hub.

You even have a lot of followers, and people really like what you’re publishing.

But you are responsible for not only getting more visitors to your page. You must also convince them the products are worth buying. The more you persuade them before they click the affiliate link—the better your chances to get them to buy and lock in the commissions.

If you are not a natural-born salesperson – worry not.

First of all, If you found a product or service that you yourself use, it’ll be easier to promote it. Your personal experience with what you sell is the best selling point:

  1. List all the benefits you enjoy while using the product/service.
  2. Finish with a clear call to action like: “Want your skin to also feel soft and nourished?”
  3. Add the special discount they can get by using your referral link.
  4. Make sure your button is prominent and eye-grabbing.

Tip #4: Research the Competitors
Like in business out there – to be on top of the game, you must check what your competitors are doing all the time.

See what the look & feel of their website is like, what tone of voice they use, how and where they promote their blog posts, etc.

You can research your affiliate competition easily by following these steps:

  1. Google the product or service you promote coupled with the word “best” (best headphones, best meal delivery kits, etc.).
  2. Check the first results. What brands are they recommending to their audience?
  3. In what forms are they promoting (articles, emails, etc.)?
  4. In what manner are they promoting them (the tone they use, the structure of content, do they have an interactive tool like a calculator, etc.)?

If you see that the majority of affiliates are using a certain strategy – it means it works.

Don’t just emulate what they’re doing. Take it to the next level!

#5: Promote Products That Offer Recurring Commissions
So your follower subscribed for service via your affiliation link, and you got a one-time payment. Hurray!

Just think how much more money you could have made if you got an additional commission every time he used that service. Or every month when the subscription fee hits the bank.

Want to be a smart (and wealthy) affiliate? Focus your efforts on promoting products and services that have recurring commissions.

#6: Create Custom Affiliate Links
Most of the affiliate links you will get from the companies and affiliate networks you’ll work with will look like this:

If your readers click your call-to-action button and see this “ugly” URL address, they’ll feel they’re being haggled.

Making your links’ URLs more attractive is easy. Use free online tools such as bitly, Rebrandly, etc. Your affiliate links will not only look much more professional, but they will also be easy to remember.

Start Earning as an Affiliate
Affiliate marketing is a perfect combination of art and science (marketing science).

Above all else, you must be creative in writing your posts while experimenting with various online marketing strategies.

Produce content that was written with passion and integrity, and you’ll get the attention and love of both companies and buyers. Follow the tips above and start making money online!

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