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Brian E. Murphy

1 year ago

6 Creative (and Legit) Ways to Make an Extra Income Online in Less than 1 Week

The world of employment has changed for good. Gone are the days when your boss demanded that you show up at 9 am sharp and “drop your pen” no later than 18:01. These days, work from home is so common—it became 2020’s most trending hashtag.

Online-savvy people worldwide are taking advantage of this new situation and embark on brand new virtual careers that generate much more than a few extra bucks. And they are not smarter or more talented than the average Joe. They simply learned to grab the low-hanging online fruits available out there for people like you and me.

Whether you’re on furlough and need the cash flow, or simply wish to leverage that excess commute time to squeeze in some extra income – these 6 creative and totally legit ways to make money online are 100% foolproof and designed to generate profit in less than 1 week.

Plus – all that’s required is an internet connection and a laptop.

Are you ready? Let’s start earning:

1. Make Money With Your Own Private Blog
People start blogs as a creative outlet. But, in some cases, it can become so much more than just a hobby.

Browse around the web, and you’ll discover the stories of a bored housewife who launched a cooking blog that generates thousands of dollars in advertisement revenue, a graphic designer who publishes Photoshop tutorials and attracts lucrative clients, and so on.

If you have a passion for something – people will want to learn it from you. And they’ll be willing to pay top dollar for it.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, here are a few tips to ensure your blog is a money-making machine:

  • Pick a subject or practice you know well. Your expertise is your hottest commodity.
  • Don’t settle for less than perfect. Bring your best self to work—from content, through images, all the way to a cool user logo.
  • Watch some YouTube tutorials on SEO. Your blog is worth nothing if people can’t find it on Google.
  • Harness the power of social networks! Share each and every blog post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Once your blog attracts decent traffic, it’s time to monetize it.


By practicing one or more of these techniques:

  • Offer 1-on-1 or group courses for a fee
  • Extend your digital real-estate to advertisers
  • Sell ancillary products or team up with affiliate vendors

2. Invest in Cryptocurrency
By now, you’re probably familiar with the Bitcoin phenomenon.

But you’d be surprised how many people around you actually own one or more of these coveted cryptocurrencies.

After its mega surge back in 2018, Bitcoin has become one of the world’s most sought-after—yet misunderstood—financial instruments. Early adopters of those digital coins have already secured their wealth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the profit wagon while it’s riding uphill and rake in the blockchain chips in less than a few months.

You can easily find a wide selection of companies that offer bitcoin investment opportunities, but not all of them ensure a surefire success.

Since blockchain technology is still relatively uncharted territory, it’s the best time to get in on the profits and make sure that—no matter what happens to you career-wise—you’ll be set for life with a monthly income and few worries.

3. Play the World’s Biggest Lotteries from Your Home
There has never been a better time to play the lottery than in the midst of a global crisis.

Convenience stores have closed their doors, decreasing worldwide lottery ticket sales worldwide as a result. And fewer tickets sold means better chances for you.

Luckily, online lottery websites allow you to participate in the world’s most popular games from the safety of your home. Tickets for mega jackpots like Powerball, EuroMillions, and Cash4Life are available for purchase with a single click, and you can save a lot of money by joining a syndicate – the social way to play the lottery.

A lottery syndicate allows you to play the lottery without paying for the ticket on your own.

How so?

When you join a syndicate, you are actually grouped with other lottery players who chose to play the same game. So you basically increase your winning chances – without increasing your costs.

Joining a lottery syndicate is super easy and takes a few minutes.
All you have to do is:

  1. Select your favorite lottery game
  2. Enter the number of shares you wish to buy. The more you buy – the better your chances are!
  3. Wait for the results and collect the profits online

With online lottery websites you can opt into as many draws as you wish. You can play for weeks on end without paying for the entire ticket.

4. Become a Gig Entrepreneur
Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 6 years, you’ve probably heard the term “Gig Economy.”

No matter what skills you possess—they are in demand.

And most of your potential clients are browsing for services that you can provide on online gig marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr, and their likes.

But here’s the golden tip from our experts: In order to become a successful gig entrepreneur, you must establish yourself as a niche expert.

For example, if you are a film editor, don’t market yourself as someone who can simply… well, edit films.

Create a profile that specifies that you are a master at editing corporate event videos that can attract investors, prospects, and business partners.

Think about it: the competition nowadays is so high, you must stand out from the pack and laser-focus your messaging to attract the right clients.

You can even create several professional profiles – each caters to a specific niche within your field of expertise.

Once you’ve established your niches – create some work samples that showcase your skills, write a compelling pitch, and name your price.

5. Sell Stock Photos and Footage
You don’t need to be a professional photographer.

Heck, you don’t even need a $5K camera.

If your smartphone is 4 years old or less – that’s your moneymaker.

Tons of websites are just waiting for independent shutterbugs like you – and they will pay generously for the right capture.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and look for interesting, unusual photo-ops. Chances are, you’ll land 2-6 memorable images that’ll grant you anything around $20 to a couple of hundred dollars.

Our tip for you: When building your stock portfolio, make sure to upload as often as possible. The diversified your portfolio is, the higher your chances are to earn more money.

6. Earn When You Shop Online with Cashback
Wouldn’t you like to get paid for shopping online?

Well, cashback isn’t considered income per se, but wouldn’t you like a little something back every single time you shop?

Fortunately for you, there are several apps and plugins that offer up to 30% cashback on your shopping sprees at leading eCommerce websites.

Yes! This means a third of your splurging back in your PayPal or Venmo account -fully redeemable!

Some apps even go to the extent of rewarding you with a welcome fee. So you can earn $20 just for signing up. That’s an incentive big enough to invoke the “coupon queen” in all of us…

In conclusion
Making money online is easier than you think. And the ways to do it are endless.

Ask around, and you’ll discover that the people that surround you are doing it—one way ore another.

There’s no reason for you to sit around the house and wait for the world to get back to business as usual. Find your strength, leverage your knowledge and talent, and take back control over your financial situation. Go ahead, start earning money while staying safe. Good luck!

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