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Sal Petruso

1 year ago

9 Daily Habits of Successful People You Should Adopt

Behind every millionaire, there are many years of smart decisions and rock-solid lifestyle habits.

We have surveyed hundreds of very wealthy individuals. Most of them are self-made men and women.

We asked them about their day-to-day habits and compared their answers to a similar number of lower-earning people.

The result: A fascinating list of nine daily habits that successful people just can’t live without. Go over those habits and incorporate them into your routine. We guarantee that in less than six months, you will be satisfied with your financial status.

Habit #1: They Get Up Early
More than 60% of the successful people we surveyed get out of bed two to three hours before their workday begins. A majority of them use this free time for personal projects, day planning, or exercise.

Try this: Get up at 5:30 am and think about four things you wish to accomplish. Visualize them, plan them out, and go out there and get ‘em! It will empower you to direct your life towards wherever you want it to go instead of rolling with the punches.

Habit #2: They Read
Wealthy people rarely binge on Netflix. They don’t watch reality shows.

So how do they keep entertained?

They read.

Almost all the people we surveyed spend at least 25 minutes of their day with a novel, eBook, market report, or some other reading material.

Their literary categories of choice are professional essays, biographies, history, and science fiction.

It is scientifically proven that reading for pleasure can boost your careers. Warren Buffett declared that reading is one of the most crucial habits he acquired.

Go ahead and pick up a book. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, as long as you start your engines. Reading books is like exercising. You gradually get better at it until it becomes second nature.

Which leads us to the next habit:

Habit #3: They Exercise
All the studies point in the same direction: Working out three times a week or more clears your mind and boosts motivation.

More than half of the participants spend at least 20 minutes to some kind of training routine. The most popular forms of workout are weightlifting, jogging, swimming, and competitive sports (with squash in the first place).

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg squeezes in some bench presses pretty regularly. “I make sure I work out at least three times a week – usually first thing when I wake up.”

Habit #4: They Sleep
A good night’s sleep is like food for your brain. It’s critical to your success.

As busy as they may be, all millionaires make sure to sleep between seven and nine hours per night. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO and one of the richest men alive, insists on eight hours of sleep.

Albert Einstein reportedly needed ten hours to keep clear and change the world.

You, too, function better when you’re well-rested. Your memory, creativity, and sharpness will benefit if you make sure to catch sufficient Z’s.

Habit #5: They Make To-Do Lists
Time management and mastering the art of planning is up there in the first three rows on successful peoples’ priority lists. Almost 80% of our respondents keep a to-do list both for professional means and personal stuff.

Go ahead, grab a pen and paper, fire up the Excel sheet, or download one of those dedicated list apps to your mobile. Start with the small things. Gradually, you’ll add the big, life-changing tasks too.

Habit #6: They Write Down Their Goals
It’s super important to keep a calendar of long-term goals. Why? Here’s the deal:

To achieve the things you are passionate about, you need a plan and structure.
Turn your passionate ideas into sustainable projects by writing them down. This way, you can keep your mind on the mission without getting distracted.

Most self-made millionaires you read about simply planned to get rich and then made it happen.


They wrote down their goals. 72% of our successful surveyees proclaim that they are obsessed with setting goals to pursue. They include both long and short-term goals in their lists.

A recent neuroscience study conducted by the famous psychology professor, Dr. Gail Matthews, found that people who write down their goals are 1.4 times more likely to accomplish them than people who just visualize them.

Habit #7: They Practice Focused Thinking
Many of the self-made millionaires we interviewed said they make time to simply sit down and think about their life.

Some call it meditation; some refer to it as “focused thinking.” Bottom line: Rich people make time to isolate and ruminate in silence. Most of them take and an average of 10 minutes from their hectic day to do so. They mostly ponder their families, careers, dilemmas, and health issues.

Take some quiet time to analyze your life. Do it right now before you jump to habit number eight.
Just relax, focus on breathing, and let your mind take you wherever it may.

Habit #8: They Choose Friends Wisely
Successful people don’t have toxic people as friends.

Think about it, if you don’t surround yourself with highly motivated people, how can you stay motivated? If your environment is pessimistic or just bad for you, how can you be happy? You can only be as successful, positive, and calm as your social network. It’s a well-known fact.

Join social-network groups that revolve around your industry and interests. Start replying to posts, send DMs, and make some friends that can elevate you. Be extra choosy about who you bring into your close circle.

Habit #9: They Have More Than One Income Source
Successful people usually don’t rely on one income source.

More than 50% percent have two additional streams of income. Most of them created those streams before they made their fortune.

The additional income sources are usually projects that need minimal hands-on attention such as real estate, financial trading, and franchising.

The best example of diversifying your income is entrepreneur Steve Chou, who grew two six-figure (Bumblebee Linens and while keeping his traditional full-time job. Today he runs an eCommerce store, a digital course, a blog, and a podcast.

Final thoughts
All the habits we listed above are 100% actionable and you can immediately implement them in your daily routine.

We can’t teach you how to be confident, believe in yourself, and change your mindset to that of a winner. However, if you emulate these habits and stick with them – all the traits mentioned above will come naturally.

The wait is over! Start today and reap the fruits in no time.

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