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5 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

February 21, 2021 4:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Fat isn’t fate, although it can sometimes feel like it’s your destiny to pile on the pounds as you get older. You may have come to believe that ageing makes weight gain inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s true that our bodies change as we get older, but by learning from the advice in a new study, which includes eating five foods in particular, you can hold back both the hands of time and the dial on the scale.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer and Earn Up to $50K a Month: A Step-By-Step Guide

February 13, 2021 9:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Brands spend a lot of money on Instagram advertising. In fact, the total spend on Instagram influencers in 2021 is forecasted to reach $8 billion! We’ve interviewed over 50 super-successful Instagram influencers and found the easiest, quickest way to start a profitable social-network business that yields a monthly income of up to $50,000. Read to learn how you, too, can get started and become an Instagram influencer and earn money.

Healthy Skin Tips & Tricks

February 13, 2021 4:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Your skin needs to last you a lifetime and it has a lot of important jobs to do. It helps to regulate your temperature, it turns sunlight into vitamin d, it keeps invading germs at bay, and perhaps its most important quality of all (for some) is that it needs to keep you looking fantastic! You can’t afford to neglect your skin, so we’ve gathered a few of the best bits of advice for keeping it in tip-top shape.