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Mike Reilly

7 months ago

Canada’s Money-Makers: Top Investments of the Last Decade (And the Number One Investment for the Next Two Years)

From Gold to Cannabis to Bitcoin, here are the top investments that made Canada an economic powerhouse and an inspiration to the whole world. What is the number one money-maker? Teaser: Big banks don’t want you to know about this lucrative investment.

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5. Aurora Cannabis
10-year return on investment: 2760%
Your initial $10,000 investment would now be worth $286,000

Canada’s Cannabusiness took a surprising turn in 2018 as the country legislated its Marijuana laws.
Aurora Cannabis was there to lead the way and profit.
With its record-breaking stock price as its currency, Aurora went shopping, buying smaller players, scaling its medical marijuana business while establishing a footprint in the expanding recreational market, effectively coining the term Green Gold.

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4. Constellation Software
10-year return on investment: 4,060%
Your initial $10,000 investment would now be worth: $416,000

Growth by acquisition, that’s how Constellation Software Inc. has done it. They snapped up 21 companies in 2010 alone, but they rarely report such details now. Investors don’t seem to mind the secrecy though. CEO Mark Leonard has an eye for picking up the best tech start-ups to boost his bottom-line, driving new growth every year.

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3. Boyd Group Income Fund
10-year return on investment: 4,230%
Your initial $10,000 investment would now be worth $433,000

Boyd Group has spent the last decade applying typical Canadian politeness to the steady acquisition of auto collision repair centres across North America. It’s gone from 90 to 670 locations in 10 years, and it’s now one of the biggest in North America. Boyd’s big repair supply chain has consolidated a highly fragmented industry, and insurance companies love that. They foot the bill, even during a recession, which means Boyd has more resilience in tough times than Gordie Howe did.

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2. Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd
10-year return on investment: 6,730%
Your initial $10,000 investment would now be worth $683,000

Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd has been sweeter than maple syrup for investors, returning 6,730% in just a decade. Back in 2010 its Macassa mine in Ontario was struggling, abandoned after floods. It needed cash investment, but in a sideways move, Kirkland Lake bought Newmarket Gold in Australia, and its Fosterville Mine and Macassa are now the crown jewels, producing 1 million ounces a year.

Before we reveal our number one investment, notice that all businesses above have something in common: they all answered market needs in a big way. Which leads us to the kingpin of last decade investments…

Want to see our number one investment for the next two years? Click here.

1. Cryptocurrencies
10-year return on investment: 90,000%
Your initial $10,000 investment would now be worth $900,000,000

The canniest Canadian investors have made the biggest gains of the 2010s with cryptocurrencies. All those coins are now worth $412.2 billion, but in 2008 cryptos wouldn’t have bought you a bowl of poutine. A single pizza was purchased for 10,000 bitcoin in 2009, but things have changed since. If you’d bought just a dollar’s worth of BTC back then you’d be sitting on more than $90,000 today. It’s outperformed stocks, bonds, commodities, and fiat currencies all over the world.

Want to see our number one investment for the next two years? Click here.

Our Money-Making Tip for the Next Two Years
The next financial collapse is already on the horizon, with the COVID-19 pandemic fueling a perfect storm of civil unrest, mass redundancies, and low consumer activity. Bitcoin last peaked in 2017 and it’s only a matter of time before investor confidence in the old safe havens evaporates and drives an exodus of wealth towards cryptos in general and bitcoin in particular. It’s already starting, which is why smart online trading platforms have been gaining so much traction. We’ve tried a few of these convenient investment tools and our overall favourite is Bitcoin Trader.
At times of market crisis, governments start printing money to cover the losses which ignites inflation and devaluation of money. In dire times, Bitcoin is getting stronger since you cannot print Bitcoins due to its unique blockchain technology. Just recently, stocks trading platforms have added cryptocurrencies to their systems. These platforms like Bitcoin Trader can turn an initial modest investment to stupendous profits.
$50K is the price that some analysts are predicting for bitcoin now. A huge profit for minimal risk. Bitcoin’s next surge will bring opportunities that you mustn’t miss. Some people are still kicking themselves after missing the bitcoin boat the first time around, so a second chance is a godsend. Ignore this opportunity again and you’re flushing money away. Do not miss your chance to make money in the next decade, Start trading today for a better future.

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