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Hollywood LOVES Bitcoin
10 celebs that are publicly endorsing cryptos (and most likely made a fortune)

Hollywood crypto secrets REVEALED: Hollywood is a synonym for power, money, big mansions, fancy cars and extravagant lifestyle; but a recent years trend suggests Hollywood is also the crypto capital of the world. What made Crypto so popular among the rich and famous? Hint: It made them even richer.

It’s no Hollywood secret that bitcoins are a hot commodity – the value of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies had doubled and even tripled in the last five years. Bitcoin ATMs have sprouted all over Tinseltown and you can easily buy cryptos in delis, bowling alleys and gas stations. Experts say cryptos are the currency of the future and Hollywood celebs are overwhelmingly convinced. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Ashton Kutcher – they are all in to earn big profits.

Did you know? Gwyneth is the author of several cookbooks, one of which inspired the trend of avocado toast! The girlfriend of Iron Man has become one of Hollywood’s prominent investors. The main force behind lifestyle website “Goop”, Gwyneth Paltrow, is no stranger to cryptos. In 2017, she appeared in Apple’s TV show, Planet of the Apps, where she heard a pitch from Abra’s CEO about a new cutting-edge crypto trading app. Gwyneth was so impressed that shortly after the show, she decided to join Abra and started to invest in cryptos. She even posted an insightful article about Bitcoin trading platforms on Goop, targeting the senior new-age crowd. Now, that’s smart Gwyneth!

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