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Sal Petruso

1 year ago

Hollywood LOVES Bitcoin: 10 celebs that are publicly endorsing cryptos (and most likely made a fortune)

Hollywood crypto secrets REVEALED: Hollywood is a synonym for power, money, big mansions, fancy cars and extravagant lifestyle; but a recent years trend suggests Hollywood is also the crypto capital of the world. What made Crypto so popular among the rich and famous? Hint: It made them even richer.

It’s no Hollywood secret that bitcoins are a hot commodity – the value of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies had doubled and even tripled in the last five years. Bitcoin ATMs have sprouted all over Tinseltown and you can easily buy cryptos in delis, bowling alleys and gas stations. Experts say cryptos are the currency of the future and Hollywood celebs are overwhelmingly convinced. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Ashton Kutcher – they are all in to earn big profits.
Let’s dive into the world of crypto celebs and see who got what it takes to be a Hollywood crypto mogul –

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Crypto Celebrity List REVEALED:

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

American actress, singer, lifestyle guru and businesswoman
Net Worth: $100M
Business ventures: Goop, Abra
Instagram followers: 7.1M
Did you know? Gwyneth is the author of several cookbooks, one of which inspired the trend of avocado toast!
The girlfriend of Iron Man has become one of Hollywood’s prominent investors. The main force behind lifestyle website “Goop”, Gwyneth Paltrow, is no stranger to cryptos. In 2017, she appeared in Apple’s TV show, Planet of the Apps, where she heard a pitch from Abra’s CEO about a new cutting-edge crypto trading app. Gwyneth was so impressed that shortly after the show, she decided to join Abra and started to invest in cryptos. She even posted an insightful article about Bitcoin trading platforms on Goop, targeting the senior new-age crowd. Now, that’s smart Gwyneth!

9. Mike Tyson

A retired American boxer, former heavyweight champion of the world
Net Worth: $3M (crypto fortune is unknown)
Business ventures: Tyson’s cannabis ranch, Bitcoin ATMs
Instagram followers: 11.1M
Did you know? Tyson is a big spender and a good friend… He bought $4.5M worth of cars for his friends!
In 2015, the notorious boxer launched a network of bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas. Tyson was one of the first celebs to see the rise of cryptocurrencies as he quickly leveraged his ATM business and started his own crypto trading platform in partnership with Bitcoin Direct. The flamboyant boxer was rumored to have financed his weed-growing ranch with the huge profits he made on various Bitcoin trading platforms out there, such as Kraken and Bittrex.

8. Winklevoss twins

American Olympians, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
Net Worth: $1.45B
Business ventures: BitInstant, Gemini crypto platform, Winkdex
Instagram followers: Cameron 21.5K, Tyler 18.8K
Did you know? The twins bought seats on the Virgin Galactic space shuttle using the profits they had made from Bitcoin.
We know them as the twin Olympian rowers who sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on “The Social Network” movie (they won $65M lawsuit), but the brothers did not stop there and took their aim at cryptocurrencies. And boy, it paid them off… In 2013, the identical twins founded Gemini, the world’s first regulated exchange for cryptocurrencies. Their $11 Million bitcoin investment turned in 2019 into $1.45 Billion(!) according to the Bloomberg billionaires index. Their big-time success had sparked jealousy in the crypto community, but hey, the twins changed crypto trading forever, earning the title – pioneers of Bitcoin.

7. Ashton Kutcher

American actor, TV host, entrepreneur and venture capitalist
Net Worth: $200M
Business ventures: Uber, Spotify, BitPay, Ripple
Instagram followers: 4.1M
Did you know? Kutcher holds a brown belt in martial art Brazilian jiu-jitsu and trains every day.
Ashton Kutcher is not only a pretty face – he got plenty of brains too… “That 70’s Show” star made early investments in startups like Uber and Shazam, turning $30 Million worth of investments into $200 Million in assets. But his huge break came as an early investor in the Ripple cryptocurrency (3rd most popular after Bitcoin and Ethereum). To show how excited he was with the new token, he gave Ellen DeGeneres $4 Million in Ripple’s XRP for her charity.
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6. Lionel Messi

Argentinian soccer player for FC Barcelona, six-time winner of best player award
Net Worth: $400M
Business ventures: Adidas endorsement, Finney, Barca tokens
Instagram followers: 151M
Did you know? Messi tattooed his mom’s face on his left shoulder so he would never miss her!
The legendary Leo Messi is considered by soccer fans as the best player of all time. Recently Messi ventured from his usual endorsements into crypto investments, launching a new ultra-secured crypto blockchain phone called Finney.
In addition, Messi and his teammates are about to launch new crypto tokens for fans (There are 300M FC Barcelona fans worldwide!). The possibilities of this new Barca cryptocurrency are endless, and fans will soon buy tickets and merchandise with huge discounts using the new Barca token. It is also rumored that in 2019, after he was cleared of money laundering charges, Messi moved some of his enormous wealth into different crypto trading platforms, like Bitfinex and Binance.

5. 50 Cent

American musician, rapper, Grammy winner and businessman
Net Worth: $50M (and probably more in cryptos)
Business ventures: Glaceau vitamin water, Effen Vodka
Instagram followers: 25.6M
Did you know? Back in 2000, 50 Cent was shot nine times! One bullet hit his left cheek and the scar is still visible today.
Curtis James Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, made a very important decision in 2014 – he decided to accept bitcoin payments for his album Animal Ambition. He earned 700 Bitcoins selling the album. Back then, 700 Bitcoins’ worth was $460K, but now… It’s a whopping $7M! Wow, talking about a gamble that paid off big time!
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4. Hugh Laurie

British actor, writer, musician and crypto investor
Net Worth: $40M
Business ventures: Various endorsements
Instagram followers: 25.2K
Did you know? In 2006, Laurie received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The “House, MD” star was never keen on any kind of investment. Actually, he was skeptical and ran away from all sorts of market speculations. But 5 years ago, he followed his friend’s advice and started trading cryptocurrencies. Under his friend’s name, he invested $5K purchasing Bitcoins. Since then, the value of BTC had skyrocketed and Laurie probably invested more in Bitcoin trading platforms like Kraken. Not too shabby – Dr. House is in the house!

3. Katy Perry

American Singer and songwriter; American Idol judge
Net Worth: $330M
Business ventures: Purr, Popchips
Instagram followers: 96.7M
Did you know? Katy Perry has a pet cat named Kitty Purry. She loves her cat dearly and is often seen giving Kitty haircuts.
One of the highest paid entertainers in the world, Katy Perry roared her way up to stardom, and became one of the most famous singers of our age. She ventured into the perfume business with successful brands like Purr and Meow, but it was the ‘Crypto Claws’ post on Instagram that got her crypto fame. With the help of her manicurist, she decorated her nails with different crypto symbols and captioned it: “$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$”. This post got 140K likes, and it is safe to assume that Katy Perry herself is in possession of some cryptos, using trading platforms like Coinbase and Bitbuy.

2. Paris Hilton

American model, TV persona, socialite and heiress
Net Worth: $300M
Business ventures: Paris Hilton Perfume and Jewelry lines, Lydian Coin
Instagram followers: 12.1M
Did you know? Paris used to make $1 Million per night working as a DJ.
The most famous heiress in Hollywood got into a lot of trouble, including multiple arrests for drunk driving. But that doesn’t mean the glitzy socialite doesn’t have a mind for making money. She is behind one of the most successful perfume lines ever and has stakes in many lifestyle brands. But it was just recently that she jumped on the crypto trend, announcing on Instagram that she’s going to participate in the Lydian Coin ICO. Now, that’s hot!

1. Eminem

American Rapper and Music Mogul
Net Worth: $230M
Business ventures: Shady records/50 Cent
Instagram followers: 30M
Did you know? Eminem failed ninth grade 3 times before dropping out.
The real slim shady always diversifies his investments, whether it’s new music labels or new hot commodities like Bitcoin. In his song “Not Alike” he raps on crypto – “Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing Bitcoin.” Other than boosting the popularity of cryptocurrencies, this line also suggests that Eminem himself is a crypto trader using platforms like Kraken and Bitbuy.

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