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Janine S. Robertson

1 year ago

How to Sell Your Stuff on eBay and Make a Profit in 2021 – Our 3 Step Guide

With nearly two billion purchases per day and millions of active buyers, eBay is still the best place to earn money online. Here are some PRO tips on how you can join the world’s biggest online marketplace and resell your stuff, grow a side hustle, and even build a scalable business.

It’s hard to believe, but eBay has been with us for well over two decades. It was launched on September 3, 1995, and has grown into 183-million users’ marketplace.

Today, more people from all walks of life prefer selling their stuff on eBay because it’s easy to get started, making a sale is super fast, and you can build up from one listing to an online shop in a few simple steps.

Buyers flock to eBay because it’s a trusted marketplace, shopping is simple, and the massive variety of items is second to none.

Learning how to make money on eBay in 2021 is not hard, but there are a few tips you must know before opening your online store. That is precisely why we’ve created this three-step guide for selling your stuff on eBay and earning real profit.

But before we dive into the guide, let’s first make sure that an eBay seller career is really worth your while:

How Much Money Can You Make as an eBay Seller?
According to recent researches, an average eBay seller makes around $21,822 annually.

Note that this is an average. eBay does not disclose stats on how much money top sellers earn (understandably), but we estimate it at a couple of tens of millions per year.

If you set your mind and put the work, you can earn more than your annual wage. Plus, an extra $20K per year is a fantastic passive income. You can dedicate just 2-5 weekly hours to your eBay store and still reach this sum.

So, without further ado, let’s start your successful eBay business!

Step 1: How to Decide What to Sell on eBay
Your options (much like the massive eBay stock) are endless.

You can sell old junk from the comfort of your home, you can grow a small side hustle selling home-made soaps and making $1,500 a week, and you can increase the reach for your large-scale business by presenting your goods on eBay.

So first of all, let’s decide what to sell on eBay!

Let’s start our search inside your own home. Take a look around, visit that forsaken attic, and browse the garage: Are there any real value items? Just because you don’t need them, doesn’t mean they won’t be valuable to someone else.

Do you own a business? Take a walk around the warehouse and spot the items that are ideal for shipping. Check if other eBay sellers offer the same items. If there is supply – there is a demand.

Here are some ideas of products that are ideal eBay goods:

  • Clothing, Shoes, and accessories (second hand too)
  • Collectibles (time to say goodbye to that comic book)
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Autoparts
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sporting Goods
  • Furniture
  • Gadgets

Those are just a few examples. The best part on eBay is that you can sell practically ANYTHING! The rarest, the better.

But the best way to know what sells best on eBay, visit the What to Sell page. It will set you in the right direction to make a real profit from your eBay listing.

Got an idea of what you’re going to sell? Great! Now, let’s put the right price. Go back to What to Sell and see what your competitors do. Want to beat the competition? Offer a better price (or bundle up a few items and sell them for less).

Step 2: How to Create Your First eBay Listing
Creating an eBay listing is a very straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the eBay homepage and click the Sell link on the upper right corner.
  2. Enter the product you wish to sell (book, vacuum cleaner, etc.). Add as many relevant description keywords (brand, color, size, model year, etc.).
  3. eBay will then suggest similar listings from other sellers. Choose the item that best matches what you’re selling.
  4. Click Sell one like this and add the condition details to make the listing as comprehensive as possible.
  5. Next, create your seller card, including your name, address, and phone number.
  6. Click List your item and, voila! Your first eBay listing is live.

Now for the PRO tips on how to make your eBay listing stand out:

Invest in killer photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. So the 12 photos eBay allows you to post for free will probably do the work.
Take quality pictures to build confidence. Show the product from all angles and add the benefits as bullets inside the photos (some people don’t bother to read the description).

Show the product from all angles and add the benefits as bullets inside the photos.

Important: If you are reselling products (like an iPhone or a Nike sneaker), don’t use photos from the official company website.

Write a memorable item description: Most eBay sellers put emphasis on features when they write a summary. Don’t make the same mistake. Marketing rule number one: Focus on the benefits.

Instead of specifying all the ingredients of the body wash you’re selling, write sentences like:

  • Enjoy the dream bath you deserve
  • Experience a long-lasting rejuvenating feeling thanks to 100% organic orange & vanilla extracts
  • Leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth and gentle to the touch

Set a reasonable shipping cost: No one will buy your goods if the shipping costs more than the product, right?
Tracking uploaded within stated handling time for 95% of transactions to US buyers. Be very thoughtful when pricing the shipping fees. Measure the product’s weight and dimensions. It will enable you to calculate the estimated shipping cost. The cost also determines the price of the product. Don’t raise the bar too high. Remember, your product is not the only one in their eBay shopping cart.

Sometimes it’s advised to offer free shipping and bear the cost.

Completed your listing? Great!

But wait just one minute before you publish it.

Now is the time to double-check that the information is accurate. Trust us; it will save you customer-related headaches later on.

Select Preview and view how the end-client sees your listing.

If everything in order, you can publish it and start taking orders. Congratulations! You just created your first eBay listing.

Step 3: How to Turn Your eBay Store Into a Success
To be a successful eBay seller, you need to appear on the first search page.

How? It’s easier when you’re a Top-Rated Seller.

You’ll get more exposure, eBay users will feel more confident when buying from you, and you won’t even have to spend one dime on getting this coveted badge.

Here are the steps you need to take to become an eBay Top-Rated Seller:

  • You must complete 100 transactions
  • You must generate at least $1,000 in sales per year, selling to US buyers
  • You must be active for at least 90 days
  • You must offer fast shipping
  • You must have no dispute cases or resolve them in a timely and reasonable manner

Pay attention to your client’s feedback, invest in bubble wrap and durable packaging, reach out to happy customers, request a positive rating, be prepared for any customer-care scenario, and treat recurring customers with nice freebies.

Treat recurring customers with nice freebies.

Are You Ready to Become an eBay Seller?
This guide has everything you need to launch and run a successful eBay store.

Now it’s up to you.

Tap into your inner entrepreneur, recruit your patience and grit, and you’ll be able to build an eBay business that will supplement (and even replace) your daytime job.

Today, more than ever, eBay is the right place for people to build successful retail businesses and make money online.

You can start with as little as $1,000 and build your store in less than one month.

If you’d like to see how we did it, contact us. We’re always eager to help!

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