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Gregory Turner

1 year ago

Secrets of Big Lottery Winners Revealed

Did you always want to know the strategies lottery winners used to win their millions? These lotto success stories tell their secrets and give you the inside scoop on how to get to that life-changing moment, holding a huge unbelievable check in front of the cameras. By playing the lottery online – you can access all the world’s GIGANTIC jackpots from wherever you are!

The popularity of global online lottery has surged dramatically in recent years, making lucrative lottery draws like Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions available to everyone on the planet. All you need is a good internet connection and your lucky numbers (or QuickPick option) to have a chance to win these Imaginary jackpots.

Let’s check out the incredible stories behind the mavericks who won big lotto and try to learn from their experience. Who knows? Their words of wisdom could lead to your next lottery win. 

Powerball winners, John and Lisa Robinson

Winnings: $528.8 million

“Buy a ticket for every family member”

John and Lisa Robinson bought 4 powerball tickets at a local grocery store – one of them a jackpot winner of $528.8 million! They said they used to buy 4 tickets every time since their two daughters were born – one for each member of the family. For years they bought 4 powerball tickets twice a week (before each draw) and in January 2016, they were announced one of three lucky winners of the biggest Jackpot in powerball history. Soon after, the lucky family moved out of their $150K bungalow into a luxurious waterfront mansion.

Mega Millions Winner, Nancy Viola

Winnings: $393 Million

“Always buy extra lucky ticket for a different draw”

Nancy Viola and her husband stopped at a convenient store to buy $20 worth of Powerball tickets because the jackpot was huge. Her husband had 1 dollar left so they decided to spend it on a single Mega Millions ticket. They ended up losing all Powerball tickets, but winning the single Mega Millions ticket for a whopping jackpot of $393 Million.

Powerball Winner, Manuel Franco

Winnings: $768 Million

“Never miss a draw – even if you only buy $10 worth of tickets”

24-year-old Manuel Franco had about $1,000 in his account before winning a jackpot of $768 million, the second largest in Powerball history! He was playing Powerball on a regular basis, never missing a draw since he was 18 and was legally able to play. But in April 2019 it all changed for the lucky Franco. 2 days later he quit his job and hired a financial team to help him invest his big winnings.

Mega Millions Winners, New Life 2019, LLC

Winnings: $437 million

“Play every week… Together!”

A group of 23 workers from New York State, collectively called New Life 2019, scooped an incredible jackpot of $437 million, playing a lottery syndicate. A syndicate lets you buy lottery tickets together, lowering your investment costs and increasing your chances of winning. This group of players played every draw of Mega Millions for years, as each member invested a few bucks in the syndicate.

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